Our Terms and Conditions

We charge for the day of arrival. If dogs are collected before 11.00 am on the last day there is no charge for that day, after that time we charge for that day in full.
Dogs can be dropped off or collected any time between 9.00 pm – 1.00pm  &  2.00pm – 5.00 pm. 

Should you decide to cancel or shorten your dog’s stay with us you must give at least 7  days’ notice. Any bookings cancelled or shortened after this time will incur a fee equivalent to 50% of the total costs of the booked days. 
Cancellations and early collections made with less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged the full amount for the booked days.

Fernilea has the right to refuse to board any dog which we feel is not suitable for boarding or shows aggression problems towards other dogs or people. We have the right to ask the owner or the emergency contact to remove a dog from the property if we feel the dog poses a risk to itself or others. 

Owners are liable for any damage inflicted upon staff, other dogs or property by their animals.

Any possessions left behind will be disposed of or given to charity if not collected within 2 weeks of the end of the stay.

Health & Wellbeing

All dogs must be fully vaccinated. They must also be covered against kennel cough a minimum 2 weeks before their stay with us. 

Fernilea Boarding kennels reserves the right to turn away any dog we feel is not fit to kennel or showing any signs of a contagious or infectious disease.

Owners must make Fernilea Boarding kennels aware of any relevant health problems.

Although we make every effort to ensure your dog(s) is cared for to our usual high standards Fernilea cannot be liable for any loss, injury or death which occurs, or damage to your property caused by your dog’s behaviour whilst in kennels.

If Fernilea Boarding kennels has concerns regarding your dog we reserve the right to take them to a veterinary Surgery. This will usually be your own registered vet, but it may be an out of hours emergency vet or our own registered vet if more appropriate at the time.

Fernilea Boarding kennels will require a signature on one of our forms giving authorisation to discuss the health of your dog(s) and any required treatments with the vet and have the dog examined and if required, treated. The owner also agrees to reimburse Fernilea Boarding Kennels any fees or pay the Veterinary Surgery directly, which-ever applies upon their return. 

Fernilea Boarding kennels will do our best to contact the owner or the owner’s emergency contact if any serious decisions regarding the welfare of the dog need to be made. If we and the Vet are unable to get hold of the owner or their emergency contact in a suitable time the owner gives the Vet permission to act in the best interest of the dog, regardless of the price unless notified in advance in writing to us.