Health & Wellbeing

At Fernilea we realise that, as well as providing the best quality facilities, it is equally important to have good food, plenty of exercise, a high standard of hygiene, experienced, qualified, caring staff and most of all plenty of T.L.C. All of these are vital to the wellbeing of your pet and can be found here at Fernilea.

We believe that exercise and stimulation lead to a happy dog. With this in mind we created the Missy Potter Paddock for the Golden Oldies, Frankie Fun Zone,  and the Ball Park where even the biggest dogs can run free. All paddocks have secure, dog proof fencing and dogs are supervised during their play in the paddocks.

All our four legged friends are exercised individually so they can have some one on one time. We do not mix dogs from different families off lead in the paddocks but we can walk dogs individually on flexi leads with other social, well behaved dogs at the same time.